• integrated turning disk
  • fold away for minimal space requirement
  • motorized rotary disk
  • automatic control system
  • automatic trigger for camera
  • automatic rotation of the disk in adjustable degrees

The Panotable XL is a recording table for 360° product photography. It is attached to the wall, and will only be folded down when needed. Thus, the Panotable does not need more space than a briefcase leaning against the wall. When folded down the Panotable becomes a table with an integrated rotary disk.

The Panotable’s motor is operated through a control unit. Through this unit, the user chooses the number of product pictures from which the degree of each rotation will be calculated. The product will simply be placed on the rotary disk, and the control unit will automatically trigger the connected digital camera after each rotation.

The rotary disk is integrated with highest precision into the Panotable, hence there is no need for timeconsuming photo retouching because the function between rotary disk and table is not visible.

Suitable presentation software is available for production and internet display of the 360° product photos.

The Panotable is suitable for all types of product photos. High quality pictures can be recorded very fast, even if no 360° picture is required, and for example, the object is to be pictured only from four sides.

The Panotable allows the production of a high number of product photos in a short amount of time for internet auctions, brochures etc.
Dimensions (compared) Panotable XL Panotable GR
Width 90 cm 60 cm
Height 180 cm 20 cm
Depth (closed) 8 cm ---
Depth (opened) 88 cm ---
Recording surface 75 cm 60 cm
Rotary disk diameter 60 cm 60 cm
Weight ca. 50 kg ca. 15 kg
Load capacity ca. 30 kg ca. 100kg*
Price | excl. VAT 4.450,00 EUR 2.830,00 EUR
Price | incl. VAT 5.295,50 EUR 3.367,70 EUR
plus transport | incl. Software Object2VR Studio

* central loading